Once in a lifetime you must make the trip to Golf Mecca! If you have the desire to play in Scotland, the birthplace of the game, then you should call AME Golf Travel to make your once in a lifetime experience the most memorable golfing experience of your life. Our expert golf knowledge of Scotland can take care of all your details. Ironically, every golfer who visits Scotland once, only learns that once is not enough.

Scotland is mythical to most avid golfers. The history, tradition, heritage along with century old stories drive theĀ ambianceĀ and charm. AME Golf wants you to experience these magical moments with your Scotland Golf Trip. From world famous courses to lesser known championship venues, this is a country with a wealth of superb challenges, providing golfing experiences to be found nowhere else. Beware, golfing in Scotland is addictive and one trip just might not be enough.